Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flickr Favourites!

Take a squiz at these colourful, creative inspirations. Aren't they wonderful?

By Lauri Springer
Hexagon Patchwork
By Coffee & Cream
By Lauri Springer

African flower crochet cushion
  By Ruthiejoy
Edging the hex wip
By bakeandsewblog
Footstool Topview
By Daniela.H.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A change is as good as a holiday... they say. What do we think of the new look Cosmic Creations? Yes? No? What the heck were you thinking?!

Let me know what you think.....good or bad :)


Sharing the Love

Joy! Excitement! Happiness!

Remember a few months ago I shared my original pattern for Mermaid Fingerless Mitts? Well, someone has made their very own of my Mermaid Fingerless Mitts! PirateRed over on Ravelry has made a pair and I think they look fantastic!

Arr, me hearty, they look mighty warm PirateRed!