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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

::Sharing the Hooty Love::

'Tis the season and such so I thought I'd share this fantastic link I found for a owl calendar for 2011. Three really good things about it; 1) All the picture are created by different artists; 2) you get to pick which picture are in the calender and 3) it's FREE!!!

Here is the linky-dink to the site.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Swap Surprise!!!!

Over on Jellywares the fantastic Jodie has organised a cloth and tea swap for Christmas. Armed with secret swap partner info we needed to make a wash cloth in Christmas colours and include some of our swap partners favourite tea.

Here is a sneak peek at the parcel I sent out on Friday.

It's a secret so I'll let you know what was in it when I hear from my swap partner.

Also waiting for me when I came home on Friday was a parcel from the wonderful Fiona at bubzrugz.

A beautiful crocheted wash cloth with scalloped edging and appliquéd star - very Christmasy, and some yummy smelling Christmas tea - very, very Christmasy. But wait, there's more!!!!!

A hand made (by Fiona!) cup bag for my tea cup and tea! I think it is fantastic! It even has my initials on the tea bag, a nice personal touch. And the back has a little tea bag sized pocket for, what else, a tea bag.

This is all very much appreciated. Thank you to Fiona for putting such a wonderful gift together, and thank you to Jodie for organising it all.