Sunday, December 20, 2009

Idol Hands and Hot Weather

Over the last week I have been working on a Starling Bag which was created by the wondeful Future Girl. I'd developed a bad habit of putting small projects in plastic bags to carry them around in, but had recently almost thrown out one! So I decided that a small project bag was inorder - ironically I did carry this around in a plastic bag while I was owrking on it.

It took me a little over a week from start to finish and that was only working on it at work during my tea break (it's amazing how long a 10 minute tea break can last for, shh). It also brought all the closet knitters and crocheters out, and there was even interest from non-yarnies! We were all  quite pleased, me especially, when it was finished on our last day before the 2 week Christmas break.

The finished product now holds my latest project, a granny cushion in the making from Lucy's blog Attic24. With 2 whole weeks off work for the holidays, I needed to find something to occupy myself. The only stipulation was that it needed to be small-ish - no afghans laying over me to cause heat stroke in what will most likely be a stinking hot Christmas.

I stopped by a Salvation Army store on the way home the other day and picked up the perfect jumper to get the ball rolling for this project.

Pics of the recycled jumper and granny cushion to follow once there is a little more done.

Until next time, Cheers!


  1. Love it! The stripes are awesome. Can I borrow a photo to feature it on my blog?

  2. I love your new bag, just gorgeous!!!

    Jodie :)

  3. Thanks Futuregirl and Jodie, I'm so glad you like it, it was really easy.

    Futuregirl: I'm flattered that you think it is good enough to display on your blog. By all means, please use the picture. If you would like one at a different angle not a problem.