Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cooking up a storm!!!!

White wool + food colouring + microwave = Something shocking!!!

I think I was a little over-zealous with the colour - what do you think? I class this as a FAIL. Hmm, no matter it is destined to become pot holders now I think!


On a more successful note!

This is my effort with black, blue and pink food colour.

Much better I think, not as....loud? And finally using pink and a touch of blue.

Not bad if I do say so my self (insert very satisfied looking face here).

Now to decide what to make out of these.



  1. I love the bright colors of the top one! So, the colors don't wash out? Fun!!

  2. Looks major fun you self dying bod's are creative love seeing all the dye lot creation's xxxx

  3. Wow I like the loud one!! The purple one is gorgeous too - well done!