Saturday, January 23, 2010

Better late than never....

As promised - yes it was a while ago - here is the completed Granny Garden cushion from Attic24.

In the beginning there was a lonely jumper. It sat patiently at a Salvation Army store for someone to find it. Well, someone did ME!!!

This was the jumper before I took to it with a pair of extremely sharp scissors. The front of the jumper and one sleeve were used for this cushion so that means I can use the rest of the jumper for another.

Here is what the jumper turned into...

...the back of the cushion. The crocheted edge you can see runs along what used to be the bottom of the front of the jumper.

After a rummage through the contents of the Button Bandit to find some contrasting buttons, these were stitched to what used to be the sleeve. It all means that the stuffing can be removed for washing.


And the finished front I hear you ask, what does that look like? Well...

Here is the finished item at home on the bed.

Yes, it does look rather lonely doesn't it? So that's why I started a ripple cushion to go with it!!!


  1. Love the finished cushion!!! The ripple progress is looking great too..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  2. Your cushion came out great, I love that you did the jumper backing :o)