Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I dyed... yarn that is.

As well as making Lucy's Granny cushion I've had the urge to try my hand at dyeing some yarn. My very first attempt was a complete success!!!! I used Moda Vera Supremo (100% cotton). It started out like this, a very boring beige colour...

...and then the magic colour was added and this is what it turned into...

 ... a wonderful "Pergoda Red", at lest that's what the colour is called on the dye packet. It took darker in some places than others, but I like the effect.
I'm just so dash-gone proud of how it turned out that here are some more photos of the skeins, 5 in total.

And because my first attempt was such a ripper I did it again with some Heirloom 4ply cotton. It went from this...

... to this after I suspended half of it in violet coloured dye.

It's not a really intense colour but it is darker than the pictures show. This cotton is destined to become some fingerless gloves - pattern from Tess Dawson's Crochet Designs: 25 Must-have Items to Make. There will also be plenty of yarn left over to make a shawlet, perhaps an Ishbel by Ysolda.

For both lots of yarn I used Dylon on the stovetop.

I've now been bitten by the hand dyed yarn bug!!!



  1. What an awesome job with the dying!!! I love the bluey colour cotton, so pretty... How does it wash??? Do you get much seepage from the first wash??? I'd so love to give this a go too, thanks for the inspiration..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  2. Hi Jodie,
    I'm so pleased you like it :).
    There isn't any seepage (that I can see) when I first wash the yarn after the initial rinse when I first dye it. I'm kind of obsesive about it and make sure that the water runs clear before hanging it out to dry.

    Cheers, Cassandra.