Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fly-by Posting

Things have been sooo busy this past month - marking, year 12 1/2 yearly exams, debating - the list never ends. So this is just a fly-by posting to let you know that I'm still here (waves hello).

I have finished a couple of things and I promise to share them soon and I also have another pattern for a cowl for you all. But until the school holidays (thank goodness, one week to go - not that I'm counting!) I have to show the Azzu Shawl I knitted. I received the yarn and pattern from the wonderful Silvercreelspinnr on Ravelry in the Magic Yarn Ball Swap at Christmas. If you haven't been part of a MYB Swap the idea is to wrap the yarn around some goodies so they will be discovered as you knit/crochet the pattern. This is how mine came from Silvercreelspinnr.

Magic Tarn Ball

And this is what it turned into...


The pattern is fantastic! I've already started another one, this time bigger and from Malabrigo worsted. It's looking mighty warm so far. You can get a copy of the Azzu shawl pattern free from Ravelry here.


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